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Jewelry as Nature Intended

My pieces are individually handcrafted in sterling silver. Each intricate design is created by working the roller-printed artwork into the metal. I further hand-tool the metal to achieve an unearthed and distinctive feel. The artistic patterns are based on a combination of original paintings, illustrations and drawings, most of which were created by my brother Pete Buchan of Long Beach, California. His work combined with my work yields truly unique jewelry as nature intended.

- Mary Buchan Guerra

Custom artwork

Transform your personal art into handcrafted, sterling silver jewelry. 

Let Mary make your favorite memory into a lasting keepsake.

Choose an item, such as:

Your Child’s Artwork
 Your Own Artwork
 A favorite image
 A memory image from a loved one
 A poem or other written word
A photograph

handcrafted into a...

Necklace and pendant

Compliment the memory adding birthstones or other semi-precious stones.

Using your original, artistic works, Mary will create personalized, wearable art
to be cherished from generation to generation.

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Mary Buchan Guerra at